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Important Ingredients of Perna canaliculus and their Effect

What is Perna canaliculus?

Perna canaliculus, commonly known as the green-lipped mussel, is a species of mussel native to the coastal waters of New Zealand. 


It is named for the distinctive green coloration on the edge of its shell. The green-lipped mussel has gained significant attention and popularity due to its nutritional value and health benefits.


Important Ingredients of Perna canaliculus and Their Effect

Some of the unique ingredients of the New Zealand Green lipped Mussel extract are the following.


Glucosamine glycine

Glucosamine is a body substance used to easily move the joints. 


With advancing age and/or deterioration of the disease, it comes to a degradation of this substance and a breakdown of the cartilage.


The Glucosamine glycine of the Green lipped Mussel, botanical name: Perna canaliculus replaces the body’s own substance, and encourages the body to make new cartilage.



The active ingredient of Lyprinol is in the Green-lipped Mussel.


It contains 12 different Omega-3 fatty acids. These particularly have an anti-inflammatory effect on the entire organism.



Different antioxidants which have a positive effect on the immune system and also contribute actively in the inhibition of inflammatory processes of the joints. This reduces pain and decreases swelling of joints.


Health benefits of Green lipped mussel


Around 10 percent of the annual harvest of mussels is not directly consumed, but are processed into pharmaceutical drugs.


The active ingredients of the Green lipped mussel are anti-inflammatory in nature and they can be used against arthritic joint disease, relieving the symptoms of linden.


Also, the extract of the New Zealand green lipped mussel promotes the production of synovial fluid in the food, according to healthpally.


This has a positive effect on the entire musculoskeletal system.


In addition, using the Green-lipped Mussel also has a positive effect on respiratory diseases such as Asthma, having shown a significant relief in past findings.


With a regular use of green lipped mussel, one can avoid a suppression of inflammation of the respiratory tract and thus the typical symptoms can be improved significantly, because of more oxygen into the lungs.


Green-lipped mussel extract is often used as a dietary supplement and is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties. 

It contains a unique combination of omega-3 fatty acids, amino acids, minerals, and antioxidants, which are thought to contribute to its

 potential health benefits. 


These benefits include supporting joint health, reducing inflammation, and relieving symptoms associated with arthritis and other inflammatory conditions.


Research has shown that the green-lipped mussel extract may help reduce joint pain and improve joint function in individuals with osteoarthritis.


It is believed to work by inhibiting certain enzymes that promote inflammation and by providing essential nutrients for joint health, Akin chaktty.


However, it’s important to note that while some studies have shown positive effects, further research is still needed to fully understand the mechanisms and effectiveness of green-lipped mussel extract.


Green-lipped mussel extract is available in various forms, including capsules, powders, and oils.


If you are considering using it as a dietary supplement, it is recommended to consult with a healthcare professional, particularly if you have any pre-existing health conditions or are taking other medications.


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