Top 7 WhatsApp Marketing Strategies Every Local Business

Top 7 WhatsApp Marketing Strategies Every Local Business

WhatsApp marketing strategies that every local business marketer needs to know are those strategies that businesses use to promote their products, and services, and send alerts of offers, discounts, and reminders via WhatsApp. WhatsApp helps build strong relationships between businesses with their customers. An effective WhatsApp marketing strategy can reach potential customers of all age groups, regions, or geographical areas.

Do you know why WhatsApp is used for applying marketing strategies by every local business?  This is because WhatsApp is considered a highly used app for communication purposes. After all, it is very easy and convenient to function. There are about 2.7 billion people in the world who use WhatsApp worldwide. 

Marketing through WhatsApp allows you to constantly stay in touch with your customers. This is possible because half of the people check WhatsApp each day. So the opening rate of those messages is 98%. 

Marketing with WhatsApp can help modernize your business approach to customers. It helps in enhancing your customer approach, by directly sending WhatsApp messages to their customers.       

What is WhatsApp Marketing? 

WhatsApp Marketing is promoting your goods and services on the platform which 2.4 billion people use 0for roughly 18.6 hours each month to build brand authenticity, increase sales, and generate revenue for the business. This is done by sending different types of WhatsApp blast messages, developing your brand, and offering immediate customer support.

Simply advertising your goods and services and interacting with your audience using the well-known messaging software “WhatsApp” is what is meant by “WhatsApp marketing.” Whatsapp is often used by us to keep in touch with our friends and family.

Thus, it becomes the most individualized form of communication and shopping experience when you utilize this app to market/promote your items and respond to your customers’ questions. 

What are the Benefits of Using WhatsApp for Marketing?

There are various benefits of using WhatsApp for marketing. Some of them are listed below-

1. Keep your personal and private life different. 

Because WhatsApp is a very social program, there is a chance that you may share family experiences or upload a personal profile image. Your customers can be turned off by this and therefore hesitant to do business with you in the future. It’s easy to use WhatsApp as a social media platform.

You can maintain a separation between your personal and professional life using the WhatsApp Business app. You can show off your company’s more official and expert side while still personalizing it.

2. Set up your business profile. 

Additional useful features of the business app let you set up a profile for your company with details like name, profile image, business address (with map), business category, business description, business hours, email address, and up to two connections to other websites.

Such details are helpful for both existing and future clients who want to assess a buyer’s trustworthiness and be able to get in touch with you when necessary. The contacts’ connection with a business account will also be visible to anybody you message through the business app.

3. Various business options are available.

Other than setting business profiles, other business options are available on the app. Like for instance you can see message statistics on WhatsApp (read, sent, deliver message details). 

Here on WhatsApp, you can also set up “greeting”, “away”, or quick messages. You can decide and set them accordingly for when to deliver them. Additionally, you can also add labels to those chats like new customers, new orders, and many more labels. 

4. As easy as regular WhatsApp

There is no need to worry if you are still unsure about your ability to operate the new app. The app functions just like your standard WhatsApp, without the previously mentioned functionalities. The accessibility, settings, and user interface are all the same. 

The software will provide a list of your contacts; you may create status updates for promotions; remove sent messages; and utilize WhatsApp Web on your PC.

5. Can set up an auto-reply option. 

Do you need to put a stop to your business if, for example, you’re travelling or sleeping away? Actually, no. With the auto-reply option set up, your users will receive pre-defined responses based on their inputs. 

6. Simple payment

Payments may be sent and received over WhatsApp! Amazing, isn’t that? Through your WhatsApp Business app, you can create leads, turn them into customers, and collect payments. Since it has been proven to be a secure payment option, even customers won’t be hesitant. 

7. It is free.

Budgets for small business owners are typically limited. WhatsApp understood this and decided to maintain the same free pricing for both their corporate and standard apps. The app offers a ton of excellent business choices for no cost.

The WhatsApp Business App requires that you first set up an account before you can use it. 

How to Get Started and Set up WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business application is available on both Android as well as IOS. Here are the steps given to set up a WhatsApp business profile on your mobile application. They are as follows. 

Search WhatsApp business application from the Play Store and download it.

Accept the terms and conditions of WhatsApp. 

Add your business mobile number to your WhatsApp account.

You need a separate cell number the one you use for your personal WhatsApp to sign up for the service. Simply purchase a different SIM card and use it if your phone has two SIM slots. If not, you might need to purchase a new phone and register with a new SIM card.

The third alternative is to just continue using your current phone number; but, doing so will convert your profile to a business profile, and you will only be able to use the WhatsApp Business program on it. 

The app will email you an OTP to confirm your phone number when you register. If WhatsApp identifies the OTP automatically, a pop-up choice will appear for your convenience.

Add required business information.

Add the name and image of the business. Both things should be formal and attractive. 

Explore and set the business settings.

Explore the business settings and make it look more professional. Make sure you fill up all the required information and set up your message to start with. 

Set up a WhatsApp pay option. 

This is how you may make and receive money directly over WhatsApp. Go to the ‘Payments’ option by clicking the three dots or the settings menu. Select ‘Add Payment Method’. You’ll be prompted to consent to WhatsApp’s payment terms. Accept it and keep on. 

Choose your bank, provide the information requested, and provide the registered account phone number to receive an OTP. Once you enter it, your account will be confirmed. Just create a UPI pin now for upcoming transactions.

Even if they don’t have a WhatsApp Pay account, anyone may send you money using your WhatsApp UPI ID. 

Notify businesses about existing contacts. 

Sending a message to your current business contacts to let them know about your new number is a smart idea right away. Ask them to only WhatsApp you from this number moving forward. You may utilize this model:

Happy morning! Amanda from Confectionery Treats is here. For any business-related inquiries and messages, we have decided to switch to WhatsApp Business. Please keep this number in your phone’s contacts and use it to contact us. You may check our company information here as well. awaiting our commercial dealings with you. I hope you have a wonderful day.

What are the Top 7 WhatsApp Marketing Strategies that Every Local Business Needs to Know?

The first technique should be to develop a compelling brand identity on WhatsApp. Make a brand identity that communicates with the audience and reflects your business. 

By doing this, users will think they are speaking with your company rather than a machine. 

Start collecting your contact database as a secondary technique. Provide a reward to your customers in return for their phone numbers! You can then send them WhatsApp promotional messages once you have them.

Additionally, you should plan how to keep your customers informed about the progress of your product. From making the order to receiving shipping updates and learning when the package is ready for delivery. A cancellation or exchange option would be advantageous because it would be hassle-free for users. 

1. Create a proper business profile. 

It’s important to fill out your profile with all the necessary business details if you want to make the most of WhatsApp Business. The one that matters the most is your profile image. 

Then, if required, you may add your company’s opening and closing times, website, email address, and location. Your company category and business description can be added last. These actions are crucial to establishing the legitimacy of your company and demonstrating your commitment to it. 

2. Use messaging tools. 

When it comes to securing and holding your client connections, messaging features like “Away Message,” “Greeting Message,” and “Quick Replies” are fantastic. 

A greeting message will automatically be sent out when someone messages you for the first time or after 14 days of inactivity. You may schedule away messages for various periods at your convenience. 

Depending on the cause of the communication, quick answers are fantastic to give and truly assist in saving precious time thinking of replies! 

3. Label your chats for better tracking.

You will have several connections for a variety of objectives, depending on the size and type of business. You may keep adding and changing labels to the conversations rather than keeping contact names that include difficult terms like “Ashna blacktop June.” Additionally, you may apply personalized labels to divide groups. 

4. Create different groups for marketing.

To reward high-value clients for their loyalty with exclusive discounts on current product pricing, you may create several groups based on their tastes. Additionally, you may provide them with samples of the latest products, ask their opinions, and request their input.

5. Greetings and important details should be broadcast.

You may broadcast wishes to your clients and suppliers on significant events like Diwali, Christmas, New Year’s, etc. to let them know you are thinking of them. 

Additionally, this will improve awareness of the brand. Additionally, broadcasts may be used to communicate crucial information, such as when new items are being introduced or when a firm will be closed for a few days.

6. For WhatsApp Business, use a CRM.

A CRM is a platform used to handle all contacts between a business and its clients or potential clients.

7. Create stories to promote your company.

Use tales to let customers know about new items, popular items that have returned to stock, what happens behind the scenes, praise and recognition you have received, etc.


WhatsApp marketing is a powerful tool for local businesses to connect with customers and boost their brand presence. To succeed in this digital landscape, it’s essential to establish a compelling brand identity, build a contact database, and keep customers informed.

Creating a detailed business profile, utilizing messaging tools effectively, labelling chats for better organization, creating targeted groups, broadcasting greetings and important updates, using CRM systems, and leveraging stories for promotion are all key strategies for local businesses looking to harness the potential of WhatsApp marketing.

By implementing these tactics, businesses can tap into WhatsApp’s vast user base, strengthen customer relationships, and drive growth while maintaining a professional and personalized approach.

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