Can male impotence be brought on by prostate cancer?

Although incontinence and impotence are side effects of prostate cancer treatment, they shouldn’t be seen as signs of a more serious problem.

With the advent of screening tests, prostate cancer has gone to the top of the list of the most common cancers. It might be in your best interest to discuss obtaining a PSA test right soon with your doctor if you are over 50 or have any risk factors, such as African-American heritage. The best medication to cure erectile dysfunction in men is Vidalista 60, according to research.

Although incontinence and impotence are side effects of prostate cancer treatment, they shouldn’t be seen as signs of a more serious problem.

A range of cancers, some of which have been connected to male impotence, can infect your prostate. So, we’ll go over what you need to know about it if you have prostate cancer in this post.

Prostate cancer can strike at any age and has been known to affect men of all racial backgrounds. However, there are a few risk factors you might want to consider if you or a loved one experiences impotence and incontinence as a result of prostate cancer. For illustration:


African American men are more likely than white men to have prostate cancer, especially if it is discovered between the ages of 55 and 74.

If your father or brother has already battled prostate cancer, you are more likely to have the condition yourself.

Age: Prostate cancer is more likely to affect men over the age of 60.

Exams for testing

Because prostate cancer is a slow-growing type of cancer, there are many ways to find it before it’s too late. Your doctor may order a blood test to assess your PSA level, which will let him to decide which men need more frequent examinations.

What are the different treatments for the impotence issue?

Prostate cancer therapies come in a wide variety, and the best course of action is typically determine by the specific form of the disease. However, there are a number of treatments available for impotence and incontinence, including:

One or both testicles may be removed during an operation call an orchiectomy.

Prostate obstruction is treat with the transurethral resection of the bladder (TURBT) procedure.

The procedure known as brachytherapy is also refer to as internal radiotherapy.

Additionally, there are a variety of ways you can decrease the discomfort brought on by prostate cancer, including changing some of your daily routines, using stress-reduction techniques, or choosing more natural treatment options.

What impact does nutrition have on prostate cancer?

Give that androgens encourage the development of prostate cancer, it would seem obvious that eating foods high in these hormones would be hazardous. Diets with exceptionally low amounts of androgen and oestrogen, however, have benefits.

Tomatoes: This food has a very low androgen concentration.

Elk, deer, and bison meat all have incredibly little androgen.

There are lots of androgens in almonds.

Extremely small amounts of androgen hormones are present in sesame, sunflower, and walnut seeds.

Does stress have an effect on prostate cancer?

Your health is negatively impacted by stress, which frequently causes prostate cancer. If you feel under a lot of strain, learning how to decrease the effects of stress on your body will help you avoid prostate cancer.

Examples of relaxation techniques include guided imagery, meditation, and breathing exercises.


Stretching on a regular basis can reduce stress and the physical effects of prostate cancer.

There are numerous different ways to treat impotence.

Homeopathic medication

Since more than 200 years ago, homeopathy has been use as a form of alternative medicine. People with diseases like arthritis and heart disease have been show to benefit from homeopathic medicine in terms of reduce discomfort and improve quality of life. Allopathic drugs like Vidalista 20 mg increase blood circulation, resulting in a long-lasting erection.


According to studies, acupuncture can assist with symptoms like a sore throat, vertigo, and insomnia which are signs that your immune system is overreacting to stress, such as. Acupuncture also reduces cortisol levels. Which have been related to cancer and weight gain.

Medication for weight loss: You can lose weight by reducing your stress levels. Which are known to increase your risk of contracting cancer. Additionally, losing weight will improve your body’s overall health and happiness!

Painkillers: If you have severe discomfort from prostate cancer, it could be difficult to go about your regular life. If you think you need to take medicine for pain relief. Talk to your doctor about whether or not you should take ibuprofen or paracetamol.


Prostate cancer is not a death sentence, despite what many men consider it to be. Many men struggle with anxiety, sadness, and future anxiety. If this applies to you, consider talking to someone about your feelings. Your physician might be able to advise counseling sessions or even connect you to a colleague who can help you minimize.

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