Best Event Photographers in Abu Dhabi

Tips to Hire Excellent Event Photographers in Abu Dhabi

Finding the Event Photographers in Abu Dhabi early in the planning process is usually of great significance; not because it is part of overall event preparation but because finding the ideal one will ultimately shape how your event, birthday, engagement etc will turn out. Your wedding/event/birthday/engagement photographer plays an integral part in shaping how people remember it all later.

My clients often struggle to find experienced Event Photographers in Abu Dhabi until they either met me or read my free guide below. Here are my 5 Tips to Hire a Better Photographer now.

Are Photographers Insured?

Start off by asking your photographer if s/he is insured; if not, don’t pass go and start searching for another professional. What is photographer insurance and why do I need it? You asked! Photographer Insurance provides protection and assurance from damages that might occur during a photography session; for instance if they accidentally trip themselves over during shooting session at your chosen location and break their brand new camera resulting in large bill from damages being claimed back from you afterwards! Bingo!!

Photographers with insurance tend to carry extra equipment just in case something breaks, so keep this in mind when hiring one if your camera breaks while they were carrying only what was in their own backpack – consider asking if your photographer is insured before making your choice!

Do You Appreciate Photographer’s Style Of Images?

Before choosing a photographer’s images or photographic style, it’s essential that you understand your preferred style. Utilizing Pinterest or instagram to search for pictures you like is an ideal way to determine how you envision having your photographs captured. Once your mood-board or style has been established, half the work has been completed and all that remains is confirming if a particular photographer can match up the images from it with those you already have collected; then show that photographer your feed or pinboard and ask him/her if they can match them up accordingly.

Photographers are visual artists and your idea may not meet with his/her brand, style, or portfolio. So if your photographer tells you he can’t do something you have chosen, ask why! Maybe its the images themselves that don’t match, or is the photographer just not capable enough? A good artist will give an honest response.

Are You Are Photographer Is A Weekend Hero

Technology changes fast in today’s digital world and photographers’ styles of image capture also evolve with experience. You should hire professional photographers who understand new digital trends and visual styles; don’t hire one who simply owns an expensive camera but doesn’t understand visual styles well – and doesn’t shoot at weekends to make extra cash! Even if you like his images enough that you want him for your big day shoot, be sure to inquire if he/she can welcome guests who won’t sign cheques directly for payment!

Professional photographers make their living from photography; weekend champions may just begin. Be sure to ask this question before signing a contract!

Are They Willing To Meet Prior To the Shoot?

Meeting in person with photographers goes beyond simply doing business. They allow you to get acquainted with them and their personalities. No longer do you need to see your photographer on the day of your shoot; studies indicate. So that when meeting for the first time, your brain makes an instantaneous connection in just 5 minutes! Meeting will enable you to decide whether this photographer is appropriate or not.

Professional photographers value time as currency; if your meeting may require longer than an hour to cover everything thoroughly, ask your photographer to spend extra time on it.

Does He Shoot RAW OR JPEG?

At my wedding, I would have asked this question. My Photographers in Dubai charged me an expensive fee for my shoot. Since I wasn’t an experienced photographer myself at the time. I asked him for RAW files but received no reply other than “we don’t shoot RAW”. In case it hasn’t become obvious by now, my wedding took place in UAE where there are no returns available for photo purchases.

Raw photos are captured by all digital cameras and allow photographers to advance their post processing or retouching workflow.

JPEG images are processed images. Once photos are capture by cameras in JPEF format. The post processing is handled automatically by camera’s internal intelligent system. And post processed further within limits by already process images. So that may or may not have full potential to perform artistic post processing beyond limits. But even so JPEG format captured photos could still provide adequate exposure and artistic post processing effects.

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