Kashmir tour packages from Srinagar

What are the must-visit places in Kashmir tour packages?

Kashmir is often referred to as a place that is a perfect example of beauty and happiness existing in a single place and can be said paradise on earth. When planning a visit to Kashmir, the Kashmir tour packages from Srinagar will benefit you and unlock the door to the beautiful and mesmerizing place. But it is necessary to know what the places which you must visit. Hence, let’s see some must-visit places that are undoubtedly included in your package.

  1. Srinagar: Srinagar is not only the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir but also the heart of Kashmir. Srinagar is renowned for its dal lake and Jhelum River. There you can enjoy a shikara ride which will offer you immense pleasure and a new experience. The Mughal gardens in Srinagar offer the existence of Mughals and the architecture which will take you backdrop of colourful and vibrant flowers and fountains. These Mughal gardens also include the Shalimar Garden and Nishant Bagh.
  2. Gulmarg: This is another must-visit place that is usually added in most of the Kashmir packages. This is the best place for a travel enthusiast who loves nature and adventure. It is also known as “meadows of flowers” because it boasts meadows. During winter, Gulmarg gets transformed into a winter wonderland. Which attracts skiers from different corners of the world. For the panoramic view, you can have a Gulmarg gondola which is one of the highest cable cars.
  3. Pahalgam:Pahalgam is a journey nestled on the bank of the Lidder River. Pahalgam is a place that is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and greenery which makes it a scenic place. Pahalgam is one of the must-visit places that should be included on your list which will show you the charm of nature.
  4. Sonamarg: This place is also known as the “meadow of gold.”Sonamarg is a stunning destination that is surrounded by alpine flowers. This place gets beauty from the Sindh River which flows through the valley and adds a picturesque setting.
  5. Dachigam National Park:Dachigam National Park is another place which you should visit because it will give you a lot of information. This park is home to Hangul deer and this will allow you to witness the diversity of flora and fauna of Kashmir. This will give you a breathtaking memorable experience on your Kashmir journey.


Hence, if you are planning to visit Kashmir you must give a visit to the above-mentioned places to sparkle your journey to Kashmir. While selecting your Kashmir tour package you must check whether you have all these places in your list or you can customize the package as per your needs and requirements. The Kashmir tour packages will ensure that you enjoy the diverse and beautiful journey on your trip. From Dal Lake to Sona Marg, each of the places adds a layer of happiness and excitement to your journey to Kashmir.

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