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Zuhal Butuner Lists a Few Remedies to Reduce or Manage Dry Eye Symptoms

Almost every person experiences a gritty, uncomfortable feeling when their eyes become too dry at some point or the other. However, for certain people, dry eye is more than a temporary annoyance. As per Zuhal Butuner, dry eyes can also become an ongoing issue known as an ocular surface disease that requires constant management. Ocular surface disease is a pretty common disorder. This occurs if an eye does not produce enough tears, or even the right quality of tears. Tears, made from three separate layers, tend to be vital for keeping the eyes healthy and comfortable.

Zuhal Butuner talks about a few simple ways to manage dry eye

Dry eye is considered to be a frequent cause of both ocular irritation and reduced visual quality. Dry eye takes place when a person does not have enough quality tears to nourish and lubricate the eye. This condition can be uncomfortable and even painful at times, with the most common systems being redness, pain and a feeling of burning. If one does experience dry eye symptoms, it is prudent to visit an eye doctor.

Here are some simple ways one can manage dry eye:

  • Blink regularly: Blinking is something people often take for granted. However, blinking regularly consciously can actually help with dry eye. It may help in renewing tear film, which is vital for moisturizing and protecting the eyes. Blinking regularly is especially important for people who spend too much time looking at a computer screen. The majority of people blink about 15 times a minute, but this average can drop when one is staring at a screen.
  • Take frequent computer breaks: A large number of modern jobs require people to spend several hours in front of the computer screen on a daily basis. In addition to blinking more often, people should also try their best to take breaks to rest their eyes. To do so, following the 20-20-20 rule would be a good idea. As per this, one needs to spend at least 20 seconds looking at something 20 feet away from them, after every 20 minutes. Staring at objects close-up puts a greater strain on the eyes.  Hence, focusing on something 20 feet away gives the eyes a much needed break.
  • Wash the eyelids: If one does have dry eye, they need to put an effort into caring for the area when they wash their face. Cleansing the eyelids and surrounding areas with a mild soap can help ease irritation. One simply has to close their eyes, massage the area gently with soap and then rinse with cool or lukewarm water.
  • Apply a warm compress. Applying a moist, warm compress to the eyes can help eyelids to produce more lipids, which can boost tear quality and relieve some dry eye symptoms. One, however, needs to make sure that they compress in an environment that is as clean and sterile as possible.

In the opinion of Zuhal Butuner, by following the tips discussed above most people with dry eyes can find relief from their symptoms.

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