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Safe Ship Moving Services Highlights Tips for Moving with Pets

There would be a number of things to do during a move, right from creating a packing checklist to hiring a reliable mover like Safe Ship Moving Services. However, pet owners also must have a proper plan for their furry friends so that they are comfortable with the transition.  Moving can be stressful for pets. Preparing them in advance helps ease the transition and minimizes their stress levels. Familiarizing them with travel crates or carriers, packing their belongings gradually, and maintaining routines can help them adjust better.

Safe Ship Moving Services provides a few tips that can help when moving with pets

If one is a pet owner, then they need to know how important it is to prepare their furry friends for the moving day. Pets generally take a huge comfort in routines, and moving can be a huge shake-up for them. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps one may take to ensure that their pet weathers the upheaval of moving as smoothly as possible.

Here are some of those steps:

  • Get the pet used to packing supplies and boxes: A lot of pets love to play with packing supplies. Hence, to enable the pets to get used to having boxes around, people should start packing early. If they have enough room then it is better to start stocking up on boxes several weeks prior to the move.  Less commonly used items can be placed in the box and left open. The pets might be curious at first, but lose interest soon enough and give the boxes a second glance. Conditioning the pets ahead of time helps lower the chances of disruptions and them damaging the boxes as the moving day comes closer and packing begins in earnest.
  • Avoid changing routine to reduce stress on the pet: Cats and dogs in particular are creatures of habit.  The more changes are there in their schedule, the more anxious they can become. People often get so caught up in packing their goods and organizing their to-do list before the move that they end to skipping the everyday routines with their pets. But even these small disruptions can make them feel anxious and unhappy. Hence, it is better to leave the heavy lifting of the move to companies like Safe Ship Moving Services and focus on maintaining the usual routine for the pets. They should be fed at the same times as usual, and regular walks or playtime must also stay the same.
  • Keep a comfortable, secluded space for the pet: During a move, it is common to find piles of clothes, stacks of boxes and half-taken apart furniture throughout the house.  Even though much of this mess is unavoidable, keeping at least one space clear and comfortable for the pet throughout the moving process is a necessity. No matter whether it is a small room or just an open closet, having a space where the pets can retreat to when the chaos overwhelms them is important.

Having a well-laid plan would help pet owners to worry less about their furry friends while relocating their home, and make moving a happier, easier transition for everyone.

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